GrinGene Bioinformatics is a sole-trader business (owned/operated by David Eccles) based in Wellington, New Zealand. GrinGene specialises in improving the interface between researchers and computer programs. The idea of the business developed from part-time bioinformatics work carried out for Environmental Science and Research from 2005 onwards, with the name officially used from 2012.

The business provides semi-regular bioinformatics services for many different researchers throughout the world, primarily through voluntary participation in online bioinformatics communities, but also as contracted services for clients. Past clients have included research institutes in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and USA.

Name Origin

The on-line identity (handle) for David Eccles was (and still is) "gringer", a name derived from a mis-hearing of the name of He-Man's cat, Cringer. When this name was first conceived (in 1996), David felt that this name represented his personality: a shy, non-confrontational person with a an appreciation of sleep, but the hidden potential to do battle when needed. The primary activities of David's professional work involved genetics, so a simple shift from "gringer" to "gringene" was an obvious choice for a business name.